How to prepare yourself to FULLY enjoy and take part in a relationship. 
  How to make sure you find the RIGHT person to invest in.

  SUCCESSFUL Relationship Habits - beating the odds. 

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The right relationship, with the right love, will give you so much strength and happiness that you'll never know how you ever lived without this person in the past.  This relationship e-book will help you to understand men, and it will help you to understand women to get the love you want.  To KEEP the love running strong after you find it.  Not just any love, but LASTING LOVE.  

Perhaps you finally have the job, friends and hobbies that add to your happiness.  However, you STILL do not have the Relationship you have always wanted.  Love advice is all around us.  Let me help you filter through the nonsense and help you to find lasting love, true love - the love of your life with my relationship ebook.  I will help you get the love you want, and then keep the love you find.   Need a FREE preview?  CLICK HERE to read the introduction to the book.



Not only for singles, this book is a great resource for COUPLES as well.  If you feel good about the person you're involved with, but just need some help and all those advice columns and therapy just aren't cutting it, TRY THIS BOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF AND SEE IF IT HELPS, RISK-FREE!  Instant Download, Fully Refundable within 60 days.

 Here are just SOME of the ways this book can help you   

                                  find lasting love:

The Path of Life: How to get where you want to be, no matter WHAT you want.

How your thoughts affect your actions, and how to change them.

Taking a hard look at the people around you. Are they helping or hurting your mission?

What compatibility traits MUST you have for a good match?

What you need to know about understanding men.

What you need to know about understanding women.

Resentment - the hidden relationship KILLER!

Taking responsibility for your life.

HAVING the fairy-tale relationship.

Why Dating Does Not Exist.

Conflict Resolution Tree.

Balancing a Healthy Relationship if you have Kids.


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You have changed my life, more than anyone else I know, over the past year.  Thank you!"
Chris P.

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Wow, we wish we had bought this book FIRST instead of the others we got that didn't do much for us besides gather dust.  Our relationship feels as strong as it did when we first started dating!"

Patti B.

how to create lasting love: relationship ebook

What is the value of a great, loving relationship?  Think about a life forever changed. Read the How to Find and Create Lasting Love relationship book a few times over.  If this book doesn't make any difference in your life, return it to me for a FULL REFUND.  There is ZERO RISK to you.

You can have a 'blah' life like many do, including those involved with someone, or you can invest a few hours in yourself to find true, lasting love.  Imagine, success in your relationship.  Getting and keeping the love you find.  Finding true love.  Why would you NOT go for it?  

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    Buy the book now and get TWO FREE BONUS E-BOOKS!

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Thank you,

Bio: Who am I?

Dylan Thrasher is a writer specializing in the sociology of dating and relationship dynamics, along with general human behavior.  He has extensive experience helping people with insightful knowledge into attracting love and making relationships work. Over the years, he has helped thousands of men and women fix their relationships and learn when it is the right time for some to go their separate ways.  Raising himself from a young age, he quickly learned to "read" people from all walks of life, starting from a pure need for survival.  His focus has always been on why people do the things they do, what the real hidden meaning is behind words that are often carelessly thrown around, and what makes people "tick."  The first to admit that he is not a licensed psychologist despite what could be a similar reading library, he focuses on real-world problems and quick solutions, concentrating on actions and consequences rather than relying only on theory.

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"You really helped me figure out what went wrong in my prior relationships, and I feel more ready than ever to find the right guy.  Can't thank you enough!"

Andrea M.

"For any guy that has a hard time reading relationship books, take it from me, I feel stronger in ALL aspects of my life after going through this book twice and have a better relationship than ever before!"
Vince C.

P.S. Remember, you have a full 60 day trial period to read the How to Find and Create Lasting Love relationship e-book and see how you can use it to build the life that YOU want.  The right love, with the love of your life.  Successful relationship habits.  Saving a relationship.  SUCCESS in your relationship.  All with the help of a this relationship e-book. 

PRODUCT DELIVERY: This is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus materials onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. 

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